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Pat Brennan

    The Metals – Dun Laoghaire
    Lesson 1
    • Introduce the concept to the class – to research and explore “The Metals” as part of our Local History, why/how it came about, its impact to the village of Kingstown, now Dun Laoghaire.
    • Explain that each group will use Minecraft to recreated part of the trail with reference to an important landmark/individual.
    • Create mixed ability groups, try to have children with some experience of using Minecraft in each.
    • Ask each group to set down clear rules to be followed throughout – listen and be respectful, consider any/ all suggestions, work together, every team member is important….
    Lesson 2
    • Arrange a visit to the Library to look at old maps and photos of the route and meet historian, Rob Goodboy.
    • Follow the trail map of The Metals:—dun-laoghaire-and-the-metals.pdf
    • Take notes photographs, videos and sketches of what they see.
    • Identify interesting buildings, statues, points of interest, their group might work on.
    • On returning to the library look at what everyone brought back, discuss different aspects of the route and agree what approach their group will take.
    • Go home and research and gather information and visual aids.
    Lesson 3
    • Back in class study research materials found.
    • Discuss and reach consensus on the format their project will take.
    • Identify the roles each will be responsible for – researcher, notetaker, planner, artist..
    • Collect information on the history of the trail, what the town was like, occupations, industry, economy, likelihoods
    • Draw out the route. Put in key structures, features.
    • Each member will construct a specific element of the trial, a building/ a person/a feature
    Lesson 4
    • Allow the groups time to play around with the technology and explain the code needed
    • Using plans, drawings and sketches start to recreate their chosen aspect of the Metals using Minecraft for Education
    • Begin construction on their project. Blackboards will be used to explain the different aspects of the Metals and their significance.
    • More able student can demonstrate the skills to those less familiar with the technology
    • Notes/pictures/video clips are taken of each step in the process, this can be used as a form of assessment later on.
    Lesson 5:
    Each group will present their project to the class.
    Using video recordings of the process will be used to show how they arrived at the final piece of work.
    • Subjects covered include history, geography, SPHE, English and art.
    • Throughout the project the students work collaboratively together in groups sharing information, making decisions on content, process, roles and construction.
    • Ground rules are established early and adhered to.
    • Peer assessment and self-assessment happen throughout the process
    • Final presentation to class allows the student to showcase what was learnt.
    • They can also reflect on the process – was it a success, what they liked/disliked, what they learnt about themselves, what is needed to do it better next time, how Minecraft could be incorporated into other areas of the curriculum.

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