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Pat Brennan

    • Early People and Societies
    Strand Unit
    • The Celts
    Learning Objectives
    • Identify where Celts are on a timeline, compared to other early people and societies
    • Describe a Celtic settlement
    • Describe Celtic clothing, food and lifestyle
    • Identify weapons and minerals used by the Celts
    • Describe food eaten by the Celts and how they sourced their food
    Lessons Overview
    • KWL ‘The Celts’
    • Look at timeline and identify where they come
    • Children independently research information about the Celts and share with the rest of the class
    • Station Teaching:
    1; Photos of Celtic homes – Draw inside and outside and label materials used
    2: Food – Sort foods into gathered, hunted, reared, harvested and made
    3: Clothing – Examine and label Celtic clothing, draw into copies
    4: Map – Look at maps using Atlas and write facts about the Celtic journey through Europe
    5: Sequencing – Sequence story of the Celts using timeline numbers
    • Treasures of the Celts – Comprehension
    • Children plan for a Celtic Village drawing aerial maps in groups (Teacher Demonstrates)
    • Children build Celtic villages in Minecraft
    • ActivInspire – Comprehension (Twinkl) – Station Cards and Resources for Station Teaching (Twinkl/ Word/ Primary Resources)
    • A3 Paper – Laptops – Padlet – Minecraft
    • Different Expectation
    • Key Words on Whiteboards Assessment
    • Finished Work
    • Participation
    • Questioning
    • Walk through of Celtic Villages (when complete)

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