Online Self-directed Sessions


Online Self-directed Sessions


In advance of the live workshop you will complete two self-directed sessions. The first presentation reviews the concept of Blended Learning and how it differs from Emergency Remote Teaching.  The second presentation will provide you with an overview of the TeachNimble Blended Learning Program and it will introduce you to some of the key tools you will use to create your own blended learning experiences.

We would ask you to go through the presentations in advance of the live workshop and to use the Blended Graph Tool, from the University of Auckland to reflect on your previous teaching of a unit or module.  In selecting your unit or module select one that you plan to teach in September using a blended learning approach.

Planning for Blended Learning in your Setting

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Introducing the TeachNimble Blended Learning Program

Lesson Overview presentation screenshot
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Click on the Materials Tab at the top of the page to download a number of key resources that we would like you to use during the live workshop.

Teachnimble ABC Learning Cards

Download and print of the ABC cards (2 pages).

TeachNimble Blended Learning - Planner (DOCX)

The planner can be used (in paper format or as a Word document) to plan out your week.  Use the learning modes as prompts to decide on you blend.

We have developed a sample Technology Wheel to help you identify the technologies you could potentially use to support each of the six learning types.  This wheel does not contain a definitive list and we anticipate that schools will add to this with the technologies they already use with their students.

TeachNimble Blended Learning Planner Example

As the saying goes, here’s one we prepared earlier!

TeachNimble Technology Wheel

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