Blended Learning Approaches for PLC Teachers

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Welcome to this new course entitled, Blended Learning Approaches for PLC Teachers. Now that it appears we have emerged from Covid-19 and Emergency Remote Teaching many ETBs are now focusing on Blended Learning. While a contested term, Donegal ETB has developed a Blended Learning Framework that captures 3 levels of blended learning.  These are:

  • Low Impact Blend (use of technology in face-to-face settings)
  • Medium Impact Blend (the flipped classroom approach)
  • High Impact Blend (courses/programmes that have in-person and online sessions timetabled)

This course will focus on the Medium Impact Blends and on the pedagogical approaches we can use, as part of such blends. We will focus on active learning approaches, in the main, and we will experience a real of Co-operative Learning approaches.

I will be joined on this course by Dr Maria Garvey, an expert in Cooperative Learning and in strategies to counteract bullying. We look forward to engaging with you over the 4 weeks to explore topics such as:

  • Classroom Discussion and Collaboration
  • Formative Assessment
  • Co-operative Learning/Problem-based Learning
  • Self-regulated or Self-directed Learning

The course will take an experiential approach and we look forward to learning with and from you.  We invite to take an active part in the course and to share your ideas, questions and practices with us and your fellow learners. We hope you enjoy the course.

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