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This professional development (PD) course has been developed by the Early Learning and Care (ELC) curriculum development group to support FET colleagues as they prepare to implement and deliver the new ETB programme/s leading to QQI award/s in Early Learning and Care, developed by DDLETB on behalf of all 16 ETBs. Ultimately the course is designed to help staff gain an understanding of the new programme requirements so they can successfully implement the programme in their own context. The new programme/s have been submitted to QQI and are pending validation. 

The PD course consists of an introductory video from Clodagh Beare, Quality Assurance Manager, DDELTB followed by four pre-recorded sessions presented by members of the curriculum development group and the project steering group: 

  1. Programme Overview 
  1. Exploring Management, Coordination and Administrative Implications 
  1. Teaching, Learning and Assessment 
  1. Professional Practice Placement (PPP) 

Three of the four pre-recorded sessions are PowerPoint presentations with an audio accompaniment and have been designed to highlight the key changes. Staff can download the audio files and listen to these separately.   Each session has a presentation, an online forum and selected additional resource material. The presentations also include a number of interactive exercises designed to help staff check their level of understanding as they progress through the materials. The online forum allows staff to raise any additional questions they may have in relation to the sessions and the forum will be monitored during May 2021 to provide timely feedback to staff. The selected additional resource material is provided to include more in-depth explanations and to enable staff to delve deeper into particular areas, if required.  

It is envisaged that staff will engage in these sessions in their own time and they will be able to revisit the materials at any stage between May and October 2021.  Therefore, staff have the ability to access any session they wish at any time, allowing them to work through sessions in a non-linear fashion, and then clicking on the ‘Click Complete’ button to indicate when a given session has been fully completed.  

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