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Welcome to the National Learning Network Course: : Design And Facilitate Online And Blended Learning.

This is a 9 hour course that contains a blend of 4 self-directed learning lessons and 4 live workshops where you will be introduced to some of the key ideas in relation to blended learning.

Each pre-recorded lesson has an accompanying live Web session where we will discuss some of the key ideas from the lesson.  These sessions will be discussion based and they will be more beneficial if you engage with the pre-recorded content in advance.

The overarching goal for this short course is to provide you with a structure, the TeachNimble Planning Framework, to help you design and implement blended learning with your learners in your context. 

We would encourage you to try out some of the lesson ideas with your learners and see how they can be applied in your context and then share your experiences with the group. 

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