Day One – July 1st

The first three days of this course (July 1st – 3rd) comprise of virtual face-to-face online sessions (9.30 – 2.30) via Microsoft Teams. You will have received an invite to join the course Team by email, please follow the instructions contained to join the live workshops.


Introduction to Teams

  • Mic
  • Camera
  • Device settings
  • Channels
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Sharing Files
  • Sharing Screen

Introducing Minecraft for Education

  • Why Minecraft?
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Links to Curriculum

Placing your first blocks

  • setting up a world
  • Movement and controls
  • Inventory
  • Placing blocks
  • Destroying blocks
  • Game Settings
  • Classroom Settings
  • Review
  • Challenge 1: Classroom Build Challenge. Recreate your favourite book cover in Minecraft

Managing Worlds

  • Saving worlds
  • Exporting worlds
  • Importing worlds

Formative Assessment (How Minecraft Can Be Used to Assess Learning Outcomes)

  • The Camera
  • Book and Quille
  • Portfolio Chalkboard
  • NPCS
  • Challenge 2: Final Challenge – Using the same book as in challenge 1, recreate the story in Minecraft. Use the Formative Assessment Tools to log your build, use the Book and Quille to write a short summary of the book, and finally use NPCs to act as characters in the book. When completed export the world and share it in Teams.


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