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How TeachNimble Works

Our approach empowers the educator to become more nimble
and comfortable in pivoting your current practices for this new reality.

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How TeachNimble works

Blended Learning Approach

We provide educators with a set of blended learning experiences, depending on their needs.  We firstly provide educators with access to a range of pre-recorded presentations and background materials on our TeachNimble learning platform.  Here you are introduced to the planning tools and the TeachNimble Blended Learning Framework.

Live Workshops

We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Blended Learning, so we create live online workshops where participants get review the pre-recorded content with their peers and the TeachNimble Team.  These are interactive sessions where discussion is the dominant modality and where people get to share their practice. 

Mix and Match

The blend of pre-recorded and live workshops can vary depending on your needs.  At a minimum it can consist of one set of pre-recorded materials and a live workshop where people discuss and share.

However, we urge organisations to consider a longer programme where participants get a chance to engage over 3-4 live sessions, so they can try out the new ideas and approaches with their learners.  We find this is really powerful as participants learn from one another and this is made possible by having a common framework to capture and share practice.  Ultimately it leads to better learning experiences for your learners.

Designing and creating good learning experiences

TeachNimble empowers educators across all levels of education and training, from early childhood to adult learning, to design engaging learning experiences for their learners using the digital technologies that are appropriate for their context.  The approach is constantly evolving and is being informed by research and new developments in the fields of online and blended learning.  On completion educators are empowered to plan and implement blended learning approaches that fit their context.


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How It Works

Our approach empowers the educator
to become more nimble and comfortable
using blended learning…more

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