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Welcome to this course, Design & Facilitate Online & Blended Learning.  We will be working with you over the coming five weeks and we look forward to meeting online each week to discuss the pre-recorded sessions.  The course follows a blended learning model with course content being released in advance and a live session, which will be discussion focused, to consider the material. 

During the course we will engage with the TeachNimble Planning Process, which we have designed to help educators design blended learning experiences.  We will release the 5 lessons each week in advance of the online session and we would invite to review the content in advance.  

We hope you enjoy the course and we look forward to meeting you online.

Teachnimble ABC Learning Cards

Download and print of the ABC cards (2 pages).

TeachNimble Blended Learning - Planner (DOCX)

Blended Learning Glance Card

Here is a version of the TeachNimble Blended Learning Planner that can help you to consider how you will design a blended learning session for your learners. 

The planner can be used (in paper format or as a Word document) to plan out your week.  Use the learning modes as prompts to decide on you blend.

Technology Wheel
We have developed a sample Technology Wheel to help you identify the technologies you could potentially use to support each of the six learning types.  This wheel does not contain a definitive list and we anticipate that schools will add to this with the technologies they already use with their students.

TeachNimble Technology Wheel

TeachNimble Blended Learning Planner Example

As the saying goes, here’s one we prepared earlier!

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